We grant you a simple point and click Database Manager, bundled up within our Web Hosting Control Panel, from where you can create completely new MySQL and PgSQL databases right away. Furthermore, you are able to control their settings from the convenient access made available to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software tools.

A Simple to operate User interface

The simplest database management interface

Database management may seem like a difficult job to novice web hosting clients, however with Devil's Host’s Database Manager, it’s actually pretty simple! To make a completely new database, you simply need to provide the username and password. Database backups are just a click away also.People that desire to examine their databases as well as modify them may use the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools.

Hepsia File Manager

Straightforward Database Data backup

Defend your database information with simply a click

Assuming you have dealt with databases, you know that making a manual database back–up just isn’t a simple job. In order to change this, we’ve made very simple tool that can back up your complete database with merely one click of the mouse. The data backup file will be available for you in under a minute, with regards to the size of the selected database.

There are not any limits on the amount of copies you may make for a selected database.

Hepsia File Manager

PgSQL Support

Essentially the most secure open source databases

A lot of our Linux cloud website hosting plans plans present PgSQL support. Whilst falling behind MySQL in terms of level of popularity and utilization, PgSQL databases are famous for supplying the top level of stability for your site content. That is the main reason why companies such as Skype and Yahoo rely upon PgSQL databases as an alternative to MySQL.

In terms of database administration, PgSQL is equally simple and easy as MySQL.

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InnoDB Databases

The newest face of MySQL

We’ve incorporated InnoDB – the brand new default MySQL database engine on every one of our servers. InnoDB is perfect for sizeable database sites which require high levels of overall performance and scalability. Experiments show that web sites working with InnoDB based tables attain a 3–fold operation increase for significant joins, in comparison with those applying MyISAM tables.

InnoDB makes use of row–level locking in order to be able to remove the general performance difficulties seen at the peak usage times of the earlier version of the database engine – MyISAM, which utilizes table–level locking.

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Detailed Database Stats

Comprehensive statistics for your databases

Tracking the load generated by the databases within your busy website will help you reduce all overload difficulties that might slow it down and ward off visitors. For this purpose, we have built in a complete Database Stats tool into your Web Hosting Control Panel. There you can get thorough information on the inbound requests to your databases for each hour, day and month.

In line with the number of daily and per hour queries, it will be easy to find out what databases are employed the most as well as consider steps to optimize their work.

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